Two Factor Authentication

Hello,   We take security very seriously at Britain Connected So Today (11/03/2016) we have improved our client area security and we are forcing all our clients to activate 2 factor Authentication. This does mean you will need a smartphone to login to our client area and you will be presented with instructions to activate this when you next ... Read More »

11th Mar 2016
Shared Hosting IP Change to Zeus

We have updated our Zeus webserver and as such we have also updated our IP's.
please make sure the following is being used. : :


Britain Connected

5th Nov 2015
Account Credits

we have changed how credits on your account are affected.
Any credit that is on your file will now be auto applied to your next invoice.
This does not affect your credit from our affiliates this will still be paid out as normal.

Britain connected

9th Jun 2015
Heartbleed Bug

Dear {$client_name}, The Heartbleed bug ( is a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1.f. This vulnerability allows an attacker to read chunks of memory from servers and clients that connect using SSL through a flaw in OpenSSL's implementation of the heartbeat extension. OpenSSL ... Read More »

12th Apr 2014