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Enjoy increased flexibility and get the performance you need with SSD Storage.

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Starter VPS
Best value-for-money Servers
£8.00 /month
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  • CPU
    1 vCores
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
  • DATA
    100Mbps unmetered*
Essential VPS
Intensive resources, delivered
£18.00 /month
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  • CPU
    2 vCores
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    800GB SSD NVMe
  • DATA
    500Mbps unmetered*
Comfort VPS
High performance and traffic
£32.95 /month
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  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
  • DISK
    1600GB SSD NVMe
  • DATA
    1Gbps unmetered*
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Short provisioning time and easy resource allocation

Our custom control panel allows you to re-install, Reboot, Manage your IP's and alot more.

Fast & simple, We aim to have your VPS deliverd within 24hrs

Faster reliable SSD drives as standard..


Fast Setup

Our teams are working around the clock to ensure we deliver your VPS as soon as possible.

We will build & pre install the OS of your choice from our wide selection.


Total scalability

Our VPS solutions are designed to suit all of your needs, and scale up as your business grows. You do not need to provision resources

simply add what you need, when you need it, via the Britain Conencted Control Panel. This means you only pay for what you use, helping you manage your budget.


VPS Server Technical Specifications

CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu 20v
SSD Storage cPanel
Fedora 23, Debian 8
Tier IV Data Center Plesk Onyx
Private Network Juniper Networks WHMCS
Quick VNC access DDos mitigation SAN storage

Our VPS Server

Pick the right VPS for you & we wil lmake it happen.

CPU ---6

RAM ---

Disk Space ---

Bandwidth ---

Setup ---

IP Address ---

If you subscribe for an extended period, you will get a discount
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Frequently Asked Questions VPS

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Do the Virtual Private Servers have a backup policy?
  • We offer a backup upgrade option

    Keep your data safe with our VPS backup options. The auto back-up option allows you to back up your data automatically and regularly. You can use the Snapshot option directly via the Britain Connected Control Panel, and take snapshot backups of your VPS in just a few clicks.

What are the benefits of Cloud VPS?
  • With our VPS solutions, you do not need to worry about hardware constraints (upgrading components, technical faults, etc.)

    You still get full control over your virtual server. You can choose from a wide range of pre-installed Linux and Windows operating systems — and web hosting control panels, too..

How do I choose between a VPS and a web hosting plan?
  • Using a VPS is the next logical step up from using a web hosting plan. Virtual private servers offer a wider range of options, and more flexibility in terms of configuration, access and features (root access, Apache PHP.init). You can also install an SSL certificate and any other software you want.

    However, we would like to emphasise the importance of choosing the right VPS for you. A VPS needs to be configured in a way that suits your application requirements, and the growth of your business.

What type of support do you offer?
  • our services are self-managed, rest assured that any hardware faults will be promptly addressed by our expert team.

    For clients utilizing our cPanel servers, we present a premium upgrade option. Elevate your experience with 100% unlimited managed server support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey for your online operations. Your success is our priority.