The dedicated game servers that offer the best value for money on the market Benefit from the latest innovations for your game server. The Britain Connected Game range gives your machines specially designed to host your games and give you optimal specifications, all with minimal latency. The Britain Connected Game server rental range offers you the capacities to host your Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike games, as well as your services, such as Mumble and TeamSpeak




  • Intel i7 4790K
  • Cores/Threads: 4c/8
  • Freq.: 4 GHz+
  • RAM: 16GB 1333 MHz
  • Disk: 120 GB SSD
  • IP: Up to 16 protected IPs*




  • Intel i7 4790K
  • Cores/Threads: 4c/8t
  • Freq. 4 GHz+
  • RAM: 32 GB 1333 MHz
  • Disk: 240 GB SSD
  • IP: Up to 16 protected IPs*


MegaRAID or SoftRAID, Intel Xeon processors, up to 192 GB ECC RAM… the Enterprise server rental range offers the power you need to set your business projects in motion.

When you rent an Essential Server, you benefit from all the services supported by Britain Connected: anti-DDoS, distributions, backup storage space, etc. These servers are reliable and flexible, making them the ideal servers for startups and SMEs.


So that you always have as many options as possible, So you Start brings you a wide selection of distributions, offered and regularly updated by OVH.
Ubuntu Server
Ubuntu Desktop
SmartOS (Beta)
Microsoft Windows
Panel distributions

Along with the main distributions on the market, we also offer you administration packs to make it even easier to manage your server via different graphical user interfaces. These interfaces translate the main administration features and functions (command lines) into a few simple clicks.
cPanel cPanel
DirectAdmin cPanel
OVH Release

Do you want to take advantage of virtualisation and optimise your machine? These solutions will enable you to install multiple operating systems on your So you Start dedicated server. Each virtual machine can have a different OS and it will be managed by your hypervisor. This way, you can free yourself from the usual limitations of one application per server, and run your dedicated server at full capacity.
VMware ESXi (5.0,5.5,6.0)
Citrix Xen Server
Proxmox VE
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
Microsoft Hyper-V


Britain Connected servers are supported by the OVH anti-DDoS infrastructure in order to protect your server 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size.
A DDoS attack aims to render a server, service or an infrastructure unavailable by sending a multitude of simultaneous requests from multiple points across the internet. The intensity of this “crossfire” renders the service unstable, or even worse, unavailable.
Britain Connected provides a FREE mitigation solution with your server rental, enabling:
– Analyse all packets in real time and at high speed
– vacuum your server’s incoming traffic
– mitigate, which means repairing all illegitimate IP packets while allowing legitimate ones to pass through You thus get maximum benefit from an optimum level of security.

You get a 100 GB backup space with your So you Start servers. This backup space is fully managed by our teams, so that we can offer you an easy-to-use, quality service.
You can choose to increase your data capacity up to 10 TB.
Simply open a sales ticket for a quote.

How to use your Backup Storage

File transfers are simple: log in to your backup server using the protocol of your choice and then add the data to be backed up. For security purposes, you can only connect to your account via your So you Start server.

The protocols supported on your backup space

Britain Connected servers are backed up by the expertise and innovation of OVH, the only hosting provider on the market to support these protocols:
– NFS/CIFS (optional £3.25 /month)
A look at the NFS/CIFS protocols

Using the NFS and CIFS protocols, you can create your backup space locally on your own server. So what’s the benefit? Being able to access and manage your data as you would if it were stored locally, so your backups can thus be carried out using your admin tools.

A global fibre optic network

Britain Connected Servers benefit from the OVH expertise in network infrastructure. In addition to building servers, racks and datacentres in-house, OVH has also developed its own fibre optics on a global scale. Consequently, the number 1 hosting provider in Europe and number 3 globally is able to maintain maximum control over each stage of operations, and can offer guaranteed bandwidth on some ranges of server.

3 Tbps network capacity across the globe

As a result of deploying its own global fibre optic infrastructure, OVH is able to offer customers ample bandwidth and low latency times. The hosting provider uses active DWDM devices for this purpose and has migrated to 100 G coherent technology. The OVH network thus has a total global capacity of over 3000 Gbps

Double expertise for a high level routing infrastructure,

The routing infrastructure is largely built on Cisco devices. Cisco is linked to OVH by a technical partnership, and the infrastructure combines the expertise of the two companies.

Redundancy and maximum security

Throughout the routing infrastructure, all links are at least doubled at every routing point. No less than two Cisco routers, each with two routing cards, physically connect your So you Start machines. Diversity (double redundancy) is the minimum for fibre optic links and triversity (triple redundancy) is not uncommon.

Cisco ASA firewall

Improved security for your network
Increase the security of your infrastructure by adding a Cisco firewall and give the maximum protection and safeguards to your network.
The Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall blocks attacks, prevents intrusion attempts, controls traffic and network activity.

Main features:

– Application Inspection: application control, support for voice and video protocols;
– Intrusion Prevention: Real-time protection against attacks from DOS applications, detection and filtering of network worms and virus activity, detection of spyware, adware and malware, botnet;
– IPCom protection: advanced inspection of voice protocols, IP-specific signatures.
– SSL and IPsec connectivity: IPSec and SSL protected, SSL services with client or portal;
– manage up to 100 Mbps of traffic
– Activate / deactivate your firewall directly from your Manager.
The Cisco firewall comes with a graphical interface (GUI) in https:// and allows you to manage your firewall rules (client JAVA) quickly and easily.

Here are some excerpts from the interface:

Connect to your firewall:

Your firewall is connected directly between your server and the router which can be activated in a single click from your account:
Technical specifications for the Cisco ASA 5505 firewall:
Maximum traffic Upto 100 Mbps
Maximum connections 10,000
Maximum new connections per second 4,000
Maximum Number of Nodes (VM) 10
For more information, please see Cisco Data sheet.

The Anti-DDoS Game Servers, built for gaming

Fortify your infrastructure

The Game servers benefit from a specialised anti-DDoS infrastructure which is connected to the input/output of each server. This system detects even the slightest attempted attack, so there won't be any lag during your online games.

This technology means that the GAME servers offer tolerance to the millisecond and anti-DDoS protection adapted specifically for the gaming world.

Configurations optimised for gaming

Intel i5 or i7, from 16 to 32 GB of RAM and SSD storage, the So you Start Game range gives you CPU and RAM performances adapted for you to install your games. Make the most of their power to configure your game server and integrate your Mumble or TeamSpeak services.

Below is a list of pre-configurations, compiled by our our experts, to protect the games and communication software installed on your server:

Games* using the UDP protocol

Voice/chat software* (UDP):

Games and software using the TCP protocol:

*Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Day Of Defeat, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress are registered trademarks of Valve Corporation. Garry's Mod is a registered trademark of Facepunch Studios LTD. TeamSpeak 3 is a trademark of TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. TrackMania and ShootMania are registered trademarks of Nadeo SAS. GRAND THEFT AUTO is a trademark of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

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